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The Way of the Master


World Religions- Faith of Choice Website: What do the top world-religons teach and believe?

Steve Sanchez's Evangelism Blog - Stone the Preacher

Evangelism Australia - Evangelism Articles and Resources for all Christians, regardless of where you are located

Eternal Answers - Bible Questions and Answers straight from the Scriptures

EMPART - Planting Churches, Transforming Communities

Department Of Eternal Affairs

Free Business Directory Australia

Free Business Directory

Let the Little Children Come Child evangelism ideas and gospel tracts. Tons of great gospel for children resources.

Why can't they save you? Why do you need Jesus? Faith of Choice





The Way of the Master

Free eBook

FREE eBook download Written for those with an interest in spirituality and spiritual leaders, such as the Buddha and the Dalai Lama, Jesus The Man Who Came From God explains the life of Christ and his teachings. It provides a comparison with Islam, Judaism, and other world religions.


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