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Question: We already have facebook and countless Christian forums that have been around for years, so why build another online forum?

Answer: While there are many Christian forums and online communities out there, there are almost none that are dedicated completely to the topic of evangelism. There are forums within some specific ministry website but not any that I could find that are open to all Christians who are interested in evangelism.

Are you passionate about Evangelism? Are you tired of Christian apathy? Are you determined to fight lukewarmness? Then this is the place for you. It should bother us that so many all around us don't know the Good News about Jesus. It should bother us that many are heading to Hell. We have the knowledge and the Holy Spirit, so lets do something. Lets tell the world.

It is such a blessing to benefit from all of the available teachings, MP3's, videos and online resources that are available these days. If you know of a great website, MP3 or online resource, please let the rest of us know in the forum so that we can all be encouraged and instructed.

Are you wanting to connect with other like-minded Christians to discuss and share evangelism techniques, triumphs and frustrations?

Lets not bicker about denominations, lets unite to share the Gospel. Promote your evangelism websites here for free. Post requests for help with your evangelism ministry and promote your next evangelism event here. Find and connect with local evangelists in your area. Are you looking to meet up with other Christians to do street witnessing in your area?

These are the reasons for this site being developed.

Thanks for visiting the site and please don't leave without posting a message in the forum.

God bless,

Evangelism Forum Moderation Team


The Way of the Master

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